Great Grilling Recipes!

Sweet Ginger Turkey Kabobs

As an appetizer or a main meal these kabobs are delicious and simple to make.





Florentine Turkey Burgers

Juicy, delicious ground turkey mixed with spinach and topped with mozzarella and red pepper make this burger irresistible.




Sriracha Grilled Turkey

Marinate the turkey the night before to bring to the cottage for weekend grilling or enjoy it at home in the backyard. Each bite is refreshing with the crunch of lettuce and juicy turkey.



Make it Super

Add Ontario turkey to your favourite recipes for a Super way to break out of the ordinary.
From tacos and burgers to pastas and salads, there’s a perfect cut for every use. Plus, it’s packed with vitamins and nutrients, low in cholesterol and sodium, and free of added hormones and steroids, so it’s a perfect healthy alternative for any meal.

Learn all about why Ontario is super

Grilled Turkey Sausage with No Cook Corn Relish

Impress your guests by grilling up some lean, delicious turkey sausage, topping it with homemade summer-fresh corn relish.



Smoked Turkey Drumsticks & Chocolate Chili BBQ Sauce

The key to tender juicy drumsticks is in the brining of the meat.



Shake ‘n Bake Plank-Grilled Turkey Thighs


Marinated in buttermilk, black pepper and oregano these turkey thighs are crispy on the outside and tender and juicy on the inside.





Other turkey favourites

Pesto & Sundried Tomato
Turkey Kabobs

This BBQ classic is ready for a
healthy upgrade. Thread your kabobs
with turkey for a springtime meal
that’s low in fat and high in flavour.

Zesty BBQ Turkey Mini Pizzas

Turn your favourite
weeknight meal into a Super one.
Fresh vegetables, grated cheese and
zesty BBQ sauce pair perfectly with
healthy slices of turkey breast.

Bacon Mushroom Cheese Turkey Burger

Make boring burgers Super.
Everything you love about burgers,
spiced up and made healthy with the
addition of delicious Ontario turkey.

Turkey Spring Carbonara

Carbonara doesn’t have to be a
winter meal. Our take uses extra-
lean turkey and springtime
vegetables to celebrate the season
in a fresh new way.

California Grilled Turkey Chef’s Salad

Fresh avocado, golden corn, sweet
pineapple, local peppers and hearty
turkey. What more do you need for a
refreshing summertime salad?

Effortless Turkey Lasagna

Lasagna that tastes just like momma
used to make—except a whole lot
healthier and easier. We won’t tell her
if you won’t.

Orange Poppy Seed Turkey Salad

Add Ontario turkey fillets
to your Orange Poppy Seed Salad to
create a delicious and colourful bowl
of Super summertime sunshine.

Turkey Sausage & Grilled Vegetable Penne

Fresh veggies, turkey sausage and
wholesome pasta come together for a
deliciously simple, Super meal.

Pistachio Crusted Turkey with Herb, Lemon and Pomegranate Salad

This moist, tender turkey with a delicious, healthy coating is a light but satisfying meal. It pairs perfectly with our fresh herb salad.